Leaked official Marvel calendar shows unexpected series for this year

Leaked official Marvel calendar shows unexpected series for this year

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever-expanding shared universe. Everyone knows the history of Marvel Studios and its well-planned, interconnected films iron Man, leaves you 2008.

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Recently, especially last year, in 2021, Marvel ushered in a new era, with Phase 4: the launch of the series on Disney Plus. Marvel and its characters already had series on places like Netflix and Hulu, but they are not canon, whereas Marvel Studios on Disney Plus and in the MCU are 100% canon-produced.

And 2022 will be no different in terms of the expansion of the universe, introducing new series and movies with many new characters in this vast universe (and multiverse). And Marvel itself leaked some information.

The Marvel Japan website gave some news from the 2022 slip. Many of them we already knew would come out this year, however, others were completely novelty. Check the official list below:

love the series Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel I she hulk Totally expected this year, but the series like the second season what if…? I covert attack This is a big surprise.

We still don’t have confirmation that this will happen, as it comes from the official Marvel website, but schedule changes happen all the time and some series orders may change or be postponed to next year.

But based on this list, @MyCosmicCircus Rumors created another list showing the potential premiere duration of each of the productions listed above, including Halloween and Christmas specials expected to be released this year. Eye:

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has left! Marvel reveals Moon Knight’s full MCU costume

Moon Knight It was one of several new productions from Marvel Studios to be announced during Investor Day in December 2020, and it was one of those that left the public waiting for its arrival.

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Since its announcement, fans have been eager to see what the character will look like within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the character has an amazing and very distinctive look in the comics and it would be wonderful to see it in live action.

During Disney Plus Day we were able to see quite a bit of the new hero’s costume, only the weapons, cape and hero detail from behind. Not much detail, but still enough to understand what it would look like. But something important was missing: the mask.

Watch, the first teaser trailer of the new series released today (Watch.) click here) and with that we got our first glimpse of the character’s official look. check out:

For those who want to see it straight in the teaser, the scene unfolds very quickly when the protagonist is looking at himself in the mirror. It’s a flash, very fast, but if you stop at the right time, you can see what the picture above shows.

It’s quite possible that the trailer that was announced in this teaser and will be released on Monday will show us the character’s look in more detail, a wider view and all. let’s wait.

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more about the series

There is still no official synopsis, but in addition to placing the protagonist’s origin in the comics, rumors suggest that the series may be related to a future film. blade In the MCU, as well it is certain that we will see Moon Knight appear in other Marvel movies!

To everyone’s surprise, actor Oscar Isaac (from Star Wars and X-Men: Apocalypse) has been confirmed as the series’ protagonist Mark Spector! In addition to him, director Mohamed Diab and screenwriter are confirmed Jeremy Slater ,Umbrella Academy), who will lead the creative team, and beau damayo ,witchcraft) With an uncertain date, the series will be shot in the United Kingdom by the end of the year!

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