Leaked photos of a photo of Motorola’s flag with Snapdragon 800 Series for 2021

Leaked photos of a photo of Motorola's flag with Snapdragon 800 Series for 2021

Rumors of the existence of Motorola Nio Appeared from last year, there was also a Small preview of your design. However, new images now appear and Reveal almost everything about one’s design The flagship From motorola for the 2021Rumour has it.

One of the new flags for 2021

that Motorola nio Leaked on Weibo, A Chinese social network that featured pictures of the new Motorola smartphone, Collected in sound By Nils Ahrensmeier. The young leaker mentions that he is still not sure if he can confirm that this is a new smartphone Motorola Edge S rumorBanner has a new member of his current family, but chances are this is the case.

In addition to this description, Ahrensmeyer only mentions that the color shown in the images, a type of white with flashes of other colors, is called “sky”.

Despite little information, the photos reveal important details, mainly in terms of design. The Motorola Nio will come with a double hole in the screen, but as a single cut in the shape of an oval – as other companies have done – Two holes will separate from each other, In the top left corner.

At the back, also in the top left corner, will be A. Quad-camera array with 64-megapixel main sensor, And a feature called Audio zoom (As read), as the main features.

a Previous report Revealed that Motorola will arrive as Nio The flagship Direct successor to Motorola edgeRather than succeeding the Motorola Edge Plus, with a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage (with a possible version with 12/256GB) and a FullHD + screen.

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Motorola Nio Filtration Photos Technical Features Motorola Nio to say goodbye to rear fingerprint sensor, to integrate it into the side

Without further details at the moment, it remains only to wait for the launch of Motorola for 2021, which we already know will come with a new banner with Snapdragon 888 and A Moto G with Snapdragon 800 Series chipsetParticularly to celebrate 10 years of the famed Motorola Mid-Range family.

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