Learn how to enter the US legally, despite the ban on Brazilians

Learn how to enter the US legally, despite the ban on Brazilians

The United States, like many countries, has also adopted restrictions on the entry of foreigners due to the epidemic. There is a list of 33 countries in which people are temporarily banned from traveling in the country.

At the moment, the ban includes: countries in Brazil, South Africa, China, India, Iran, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe, with the exception of Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria – countries that are not part of the Schengen area.

The ban applies to anyone, who has been in the countries listed above, in the 14 days prior to traveling to the United States.

In order for Brazilians to enter the United States, they must spend 14 days in a country that has not been vetoed by the US government.

It is possible to segregate in a country that allows Brazilians to enter and is not vetoed by the United States, such as Mexico or Ecuador. It is permissible to go to the United States after spending 14 days at any one of these places.

Serbia and Bosnia are also options, but with more tiring trips and much higher costs, Luiz Cesar Giaggio, managing partner of the Estaco Estaco Agency of São Paulo, was highlighted. In Chile, the connection is also possible, but with more rigorous quarantine than in other countries.

In this case, it will be necessary to test for the Kovid up to 72 hours before the flight. Quarantine is not required when landing in the United States.

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However, it is possible to enter the country without this “international transfer”. To do this, you must be the spouse of an American citizen, who is responsible for minors under the age of 21, who is a minor with permanent residency in the United States, or with a single and an American sibling. Anyone who goes to the United States to fight coronovirus is also allowed to enter humanitarian, public health and national security functions.

Brazilians who are legal residents in the United States can ride directly into the country. In that case, the journey is also authorized “Some family members”. Journalists with press visa 1 can also travel.

On average, 1.9 million Brazilians visited the USA annually from 2010 to 2019. Apart from tourism, the country gets people who travel for work or study.

At the end of April, the US government was already Relaxation A gateway to Brazilian students, academics and journalists, and 31 other nationalities. This is an exception “National interest”According to the White House.

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