Learn how to listen to your favorite music offline on Spotify

Learn how to listen to your favorite music offline on Spotify

Music streaming models actually came to replace the old way of listening to music via discs and CDs. Now, you can find huge catalog with almost complete variety of all possible discs. it is also possible Listen to Music Offline on Spotify,

With this, users can have a remarkable experience with their favorite music even without internet access. This measure also saves mobile data, as the download is already done and doesn’t consume your internet at all.

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How to download music on Spotify?

The whole process is very simple, so you only need to anticipate the moments when you’ll be offline in order to save the songs in advance. After all, it would be impossible to fully utilize Spotify’s platform without access to the network. However, the application allows you to download songs to listen to them when you are not connected.

So, tap on the album or playlist you want to save on your device for offline listening. Then notice that next to the heart is a download icon where you can save the disc to your library. Then, just click on the button to download all the available tracks.

In addition, you can configure offline playback by tapping on the gear icon on the homepage of the app. Then, go to “Audio Quality”, click “Download” and choose which quality level you prefer. However, keep in mind that the higher the quality, the more data will be spent.

How to listen offline?

So that you can listen to songs without being connected to the network, go to Settings again and turn on the “Offline” switch. This will allow you to open all the downloaded items and be able to listen to them without the need for internet. Using this tactic, you will be able to schedule trips and times when you will inevitably be off. Even being without internet is not synonymous with lack of fun!

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