Learn How to Visit Queen Elizabeth’s Palaces in the UK – Casa Vogue

Learn How to Visit Queen Elizabeth's Palaces in the UK - Casa Vogue

Queen Elizabeth II (Photo: Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II has at least six palaces and palaces where she can live and visit in the United Kingdom. These royal residences in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are open to visitors to admire the monarch throughout the year. See how to get up close to the gates, gardens and interiors frequented by the Queen, who has been on the throne for 70 of the 96 years.

1. Buckingham Palace

Find a tour of Queen Elizabeth's palaces in the UK - Queen Elizabeth _ Buckingham Palace (Photo: Getty Images)

Buckingham Palace can be visited between July and October (Photo: Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth’s main house, the monarchy’s administrative headquarters in London – where receptions, official events, ceremonies and the occasional ceremony are held – was built in 1703 and offers an impressive 775 rooms on 77,000 square meters , which includes 52 royal and guest and 78 bathrooms.

From 22 July to 2 October this year, the palace’s state rooms have access to the outside gardens as well as the throne room, ballroom, grand staircase and music room. Depending on the time, you may even see the guards changing.

according to this Schedule, in addition to the Easter holiday – it is also possible to visit on specific dates in December and January. Tickets cost £30 and can be reserved here,

2. Sandringham House

Learn how to visit Queen Elizabeth's palaces in the UK - Queen Elizabeth _ Sandringham House (Photo: Getty Images)

Learn how to visit Queen Elizabeth’s palaces in the UK – Queen Elizabeth _ Sandringham House (Photo: Getty Images)

In Norfolk (about 100 miles north of London), the mansion is said to be the Queen’s retreat in the English countryside, where she likes to spend Christmas with her family. It was also there that Kings George VI and George V, the emperor’s father and grandfather, respectively, died.

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Tourists can tour the more than 8,000 hectares of gardens, explore the interiors and learn about the lives of the more than 200 people who live on the property, including gardeners, guards and farmers, as a work on the site. Doing farm. may have a seizure marked by website – except from 1st and 23rd to 31st July when it will be closed.

3. Windsor Castle

How to visit Queen Elizabeth's Palaces in the UK - Queen Elizabeth _ Windsor (Photo: Getty Images)

Windsor Castle has uncovered dozens of monarchs since the 11th century (Photo: Getty Images)

Still in England, Windsor Castle is in the county of Berkshire, about 40 km from central London and is used by the Queen as a private residence on weekends – but where she performs ceremonial duties when she deems it necessary. .

Built in the 11th century, the castle has interesting places to visit, such as Queen Mary’s dollhouse and chapel. It is open year-round except Tuesdays and Wednesdays – but ticket sales website It is pertinent to check if the times have changed, as the place also hosts official events and officials.

4. Hillsborough Castle

Find a tour of Queen Elizabeth's palaces in the UK - Queen Elizabeth _ Hillsborough Castle (Photo: Getty Images)

Find a tour of Queen Elizabeth’s palaces in the UK – Queen Elizabeth _ Hillsborough Castle (Photo: Getty Images)

The official residence of Elizabeth in Northern Ireland, Hillsborough Castle is also the seat of government and the residence of the Secretary of State in the country – as well as the residences of other members of the British Royal Family when they are visiting there.

It is only possible to walk through the gardens (which have been around since 1760 and are divided into more than 40 hectares, such as the 18th-century Walled Garden, Granville Gardens, Lady Alice Temple and the Lost Gardens) or into the State Rooms of Ireland. Listen to different stories. have tickets sold throughout the year,

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5. Holyrood Palace

Find a tour of Queen Elizabeth's palaces in the UK - Queen Elizabeth _ Consecrated (Photo: Getty Images)

Holyrood Palace has been around for 900 years (Photo: Getty Images)

When in Scotland, the Queen’s official residence is Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. Built as a monastery in 1128, but modified over the centuries, it retains period furniture and rugs in its interiors and an extensive Baroque decor.

The Great Gallery at Holywood Palace, Scotland (Photo: Disclosure/Royal Collection Trust)

Gallery at Holyrood Palace with portraits of the emperors (Photo: Publicity/Royal Collection Trust)

One of the main attractions is a gallery containing 96 paintings of members of the British dynasty distributed on the walls of the 44-metre-long space. Although in ruins, Holyrood Abbey, built in the 12th century, attracts inquisitors to the castle grounds. ticket too they are for sale whole year.

6. Balmoral Castle

How to Visit Queen Elizabeth's Palaces in the UK - Queen Elizabeth _ Balmoral Castle (Photo: Getty Images)

Balmoral Castle, where the Queen vacations in Scotland (Photo: Getty Images)

Also in Scotland, 160 km from Edinburgh, Balmoral Castle, where Elizabeth contemplates her holiday home and rests, is exposed to various animals spread over 20,000 hectares of land.

visitors can meet Exhibitions set up in the garden, ballroom, attending open-air theater performances, visiting the gift shop and cafe (where afternoon tea is also served), but tickets are only available until 2 August.

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