Let’s Eat: A Little Slice of the United States in America


Created to offer a unique dining experience, the restaurant chain is inspired by traditional North American casual dinners

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June 21, 2021 at 9:26 am • Last Updated June 21, 2021 at 9:28 am

Created to provide a unique dining experience, the Let’s Eat restaurant chain is inspired by the traditional American casual dinner following founder Marcos Nunes’ experience in Mississippi, and has a unit in the US.

Let’s Eat brings together gourmet hamburgers, American barbecue and Mexican food inspired by North American restaurants.

“It’s not just about the food, we offer a whole American experience. We are a small piece of the United States of America.”
Every city where we are present”, explains Marcos.

Marcos Nunes is the founder of Let’s Eat Network – Photo: Paulo Roger / Disclosure

With a diverse menu including gourmet hamburgers, American barbecue and Mexican food, Let’s Eat stands out with an array of novelty. The main one is smoked rib, a flavorful pork rib smoked for over 4 hours in a pit smoker, the classic American smoker.

The highlight is fajitas, one of the most traditional Mexican dishes, and there are new fillings for burritos as well. The famous Mexican Festival Mexicano, which combines delicious Mexican cuisine, remains a hit on menus in the form of traditional burgers.

The chain’s first store was born in Itu in 2010. Since then, other cities have opened Let’s Eat franchises. It is a successful experience that has accumulated thousands of satisfied consumers over ten years.

There’s fries and cole slaw with pork rib, a typical American salad based on white cabbage, red cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise, plus an extra dose of barbecue sauce – Photo: Adriano Sobral / Disclosure

The franchise is currently present in twelve cities. In addition to the Americas, there is already a restaurant in Campinas, Guaruja, Itu, Jundia, Limera, Mogi-Guaçu, Piracicaba, Pocos de Caldas, Rio Claro, Sorocaba and Valinhos, and So Carlos is the next city in the interior of So Paulo. receive a. Let’s Eat Store.

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Let’s Eat Americana

Address: Rua Primo Piccoli, No. 251 – Jardim Girasol, Americana
Phone: (19) 3461-1464
site: www.letseat.com.br
WhatsApp: (19) 99943-3003
Instagram: @letseatamericana

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