Let’s take Strictly Come to Dance to a completely new level of Remembrance Day tribute.

Let's take Strictly Come to Dance to a completely new level of Remembrance Day tribute.

Strictly Come Dance paid tribute to the war victims in Memorial Day, with professional dancers performing on the white rocks of Dover, as well as a video starring Captain Sir Tom Moore.

As the nation fell silent in the morning to the end of the first day of World War I, at 11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, BBC One’s popular dance competition chose to celebrate the route with the same rate it knows How – a special choreographed dance.

Strictly cum dancers danced on the trunks of Dame Veera Lynn’s classic White Cliffs of Dover late before cutting back the studio with a World War Two style group ballroom performance.

Fans thought the sequence would take the show to “a whole new level.”

The performance was emotional for many: “# Strictly Pinch on what’s wrong with me Remember Dance bbcstricly # SSD “.

The tribute also included a viceroy of Dame Veera, who died in June at the age of 103.

Another stern fan posted:I always like Remember Day Pro Pro Dance; It’s always a classic. # Strictly ”.

There was some concern that the dancers were just a touch Also Close to the white rocks, however we follow some health and safety guidelines.

In commemoration of the Memorial Day, a holiday was offered to Sir Tom Moore, a Charity Hero Captain, a veteran who served in India and Burma during the war.

Strictly Come Back to Dance BBC One Saturday 14 November, The remaining 10 contestants are fighting to stay in the dance competition for another week.

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