Liam Neeson can’t believe he’s still been called to action movies

Liam Neeson can't believe he's still been called to action movies

north irish actor Liam Neeson He said in an interview with entertainment weekly, who can’t believe how he keeps getting offers to star in action movies even though he has turned 69. Since he starred in the franchise tireless search, Neeson has become a stampede on films with a vengeance story or about disillusioned vigilantes who need to get back on track.

“I’m 69, and my conversation with my agent is, ‘Liam, have you read this script? It’s an action script.’ And I say, ‘Chris, let me ask you something: do they know my age, right?’. ‘Yeah, they know’. ‘Okay, that’s all I want to know’.”, Neeson explained. “I stay in shape, you have to do that for some of these movies. You don’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger At 35, but he needs a breath. That’s why I do my exercise every day”, she added.

Neeson’s conversation with EW was inspired by the film’s release the ice road, On Netflix United States, this Friday (25). in action feature film, Neeson plays a truck driver who races against time to rescue several people trapped in a diamond mine in the coldest region of Canada.

the film is directed by Jonathan Hensley, is known for the scripts of Armageddon, Hard to Kill 3: Revenge I Jumanji. the ice road There is still no release date set for Brazil.

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