Lil Wayne will perform in the UK for the first time in 14 years

Lil Wayne will perform in the UK for the first time in 14 years

Lil Wayne ended 2021 on a high and is looking to keep it that way

Lil Wayne One of the biggest and best hitmakers in hip hop history. With fans all over the world, his first appearance in Europe in more than a decade will certainly be historic. Strawberry & Cream, a massive arts and music festival in the UK, will host an array of artists in June 2022. Some of the names who took to the stage at the event include Ella Mai, Thames and the aforementioned rap icon Wayne.

This will be the first presentation of Lil Wayne in the UK in 14 years, with its last campaign in 2008. This will be his only performance in Europe this year, so rap fans across the ocean are being treated to a real treat. Weezy, who has been in rap for over 25 years, has an absolutely monstrous list of songs to his name.

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The 39-year-old Hollygrove rep has released 29 mixtapes in her career (and if her current tempo is any indication of intent they won’t stop anytime soon). To accompany this vast repertoire of solo pieces, presentations by Wayne are plentiful. A legend among legends, Dwayne Carter has sold over 20 million albums to date. He has 5 Grammy Awards, and more than 10 of his albums have entered the Billboard Top 10. Fans attending the Strawberry and Cream Festival are undoubtedly in for a special show.

Speaking of mixtapes, the rapper released his so-called “Sorry 4 the Wait” along with 4 new tracks on the digital platform. The project became available on the platform with four additional songs, “Camera”, “Lil Romeo”, “Anti-Hero” with Lil Teka and “Blue Snappin'” with Alan Cubase, produced by Yung Blue. Mack Men informed Billboard in November that they would be uploading another mixtape to the music platform following the success of No Ceilings.

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Last year, fans were excited about the re-release of “No Ceilings 3”, which finally hit the streaming platform. Although some songs are not released in the end, most of the projects are easily found Apple Music no more Spotify,

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