Lily James came out with Dominic Cooper in the first public visit after the Dominic West scandal.

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Alum of ‘Donton Abbey’ is hanging out with her ‘Mama Mian’! Here we are co-starring Go Again at a restaurant on Primrose Hill in north London, almost a month after his romantic journey with the married actor.

Lily James Spotted for the first time since her wedding Dominic West Online front. The British actress was seen hanging out with her long time friend Dominic Cooper Tuesday, November 3rd.

The two palaces enjoyed a meal at Limonia Greek Restaurant on Primrose Hill in north London. Daily Mail. In photos obtained by the site, James was seen trying to hide in a navy coat, blue top and black pants when he removed his face from the paparazzi with his black hat.

Cooper, who co-wrote the drama musical for James’ 2018 film “Mommy! here we go againWearing a blue shirt and matching jacket, as well as black pants. Following the 31-year-old beauty, she grabbed a bottle of wine and put it in a black cab.

An eyewitness told E! News of the couple leaving that night, with some different accounts that the meeting took place on Monday, Tuesday instead of November 2. The source says, “Lily had a commercial dinner in Limonia on Monday night with Dominic Cooper and another friend.”

“They all seemed friendly and got better. Lily sat down at the table from Dominic and shared a bottle of wine and Greek food. When they finished eating, they sat around laughing and Talked for a while, “Eyewitness swearing. “The restaurant closed at 10am and they were the last to leave. They all went together and went to the back of a cab.”

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James first met about a month later when he was caught trying. “The pursuit of love“Co-star Dominic West during his Gudi trip to Rome. He was seen sharing an electric scooter when he placed his hand around Lily’s waist. The BAFTA Award winning actor also kissed her on the neck and tenderness He was seen touching her hair while sitting at a table outside a restaurant.

Dominic and his wife Catherine announce that they are still together. James, meanwhile, remained low-key until he presented his first TV show since the scandal. “Tonight show star Jimmy Fallon“To promote my new Netflix movie on October 23”Rebecca“.

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