Lily reclaims the top spot with the PSG hurdle

Lily reclaims the top spot with the PSG hurdle

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Paris (AFP)

Lille returned to the top of League 1 on Sunday after stopping Paris Saint-Germain in an unnecessary goalless draw that failed to hold on to pre-match billing.

Lilly takes first place in the Frenchman’s top flight from Lyon after a goal difference after the match with just a few mustache shots on target and very little in the way of the event.

PSG are back at number three after failing to produce anything from their regional dominance, with Neymar and Mauro Icardi scoring attack without motivation, among others, while Kylan Mbepe started on the bench when He allegedly struggles by knocking with the thigh.

Marseille, meanwhile, are five points behind leaders after a 1-1 draw with Reims on Saturday, although Andre Villas-Boas’ side have two games in their title race.

PSG had a disappointing strong side in the first half that didn’t see a shot on goal until Mise Kane’s weak flicked header was collected by Mike Magnon in the 42nd minute.

Lil, who was sold on Friday to Callisto, a subsidiary of the Merlin Partners Investment Fund, struggled to get his foot in the league’s biggest ever match.

PSG’s dominance continued into the second phase but lacked its usual creative spark, and the highlight of the later stages was that Presley was moving towards the goal with Kimpimbe’s brilliant handling of Burke Yilms.

Kimpembi appeared to have injured a hamstring when he charged with 12 minutes left to save the goal, and soon fell.

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Mbabane was brought in a minute before Kimpembi’s challenge but in a very short period of time he put up with it, and soon the curtain fell on an unforgettable match between two tired looking teams.

– Monaco bounce back –

Germany striker Kevin Wuland scored his sixth league goal as Monaco beat Club Dijon 1-0 in a three-match losing streak.

Their victory moved Lille and Lyon to seventh-placed Principal Club within seven points.

Former Bayern Leverkusen forward Walland slipped to the same goal in the 15th minute, with both sides rejecting later attempts by VAR.

Coach Nico Kovac said: “After four straight wins and then three defeats on the bounce, the most important thing was to win.

“It wasn’t the best Monaco but we showed a lot of characters and that’s the best way to go.”

Range is two points ahead of fifth-placed Monaco in a 3-0 win over Lorient, which is second from its 11th defeat of the season.

Damien da Silva scored with a poor close-up in the middle of the first half, and Benjamin Borizod doubled the lead with a good strike from the first half with 20 minutes remaining.

Martin Terrier completed the scoring six minutes later when he cut Paul Nardy from the left side before turning around.

Renਨੇ is level with Marseille at 28 points, five behind Lille.

In 18th place is Nimes, one point ahead of Lorient, who drew 2-2 with Saint-Etienne.

Elsewhere, Montpellier missed out on a fourth-place finish as they were held to a 2-2 draw at Brest.

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