List of 10 most pirated movies of the week (01/25/2021)

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Kept as it was Last week, When it debuted in the top 10, World report Continues as Most pirated film By users of GushAccording to the data released on Monday (25) Torrentfreak.

Production, starring Tom HanksIs closely monitored by Battle Field, Another title which also came in the midst of trends on platforms Pirates In the previous version. The attraction of NetflixThis feature reached 4th place and is now in 2nd place.

Close the podium near us Wonder Woman 1984, Which was the most downloaded movie for a long time, but has already dropped to third place. Is in a similar situation inner heart, Launched by animation Disney + And he was in the lead for a few editions, this time appearing in 4th place.

Regarding entries, there is only one novelty in the updated classification, which occurred in the previous weeks. It is long Run hide fight (6th place), whose cast includes names such as Thomas Jane, Isabel May and Rada Mitchell, among others, a production that took place. Shadow in the cloud.

In the plot, which recently debuted on a platform Streaming In the United States, snipers break into a school determined to kill all students. Meanwhile, young Zoe Plow uses her intelligence and survival skills to try to protect herself and her allies as much as possible.

See list of 10 below Movies The majority of the week was updated with status changes and new titles, remembering that TecMundo does not support illegal downloads of any type of content. We always recommend accessing features and other productions only through official channels.

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10. Final Destruction: Last Havan

9. Beautiful Vengeance

8. The Croads 2: A New Era

7. Simultaneous

6. Hide Fight Fight

5. Tenacity

4. Soul

3. Wonder Woman 1984

2. Combat Zone

1. World Report

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