Lori Loughlin revives Abigail Stanton in When She Calls the Heart spin-off

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Actress Lori Loughlin, arrested for her alleged involvement in a bribery scheme, is back at work. On parole, she will appear in the season two premiere when hope calls, the offspring of the popular drama When Calls the Heart, was shown on record and available on Netflix.

Lori Loughlin will reprise the role of Hope Hailey’s former mayor and one of the most beloved characters, Abigail Stanton when you call my heart. Her last appearance on the Mother series, before she was fired, was in season six in 2019.


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At that time, all batches of episodes had already been recorded. Lori Loughlin. Abigail had to make hasty changes to get her out of the plot. There was a state of indecision whether to replace Lori with another actress or just to leave the character out of the story. The writers decide to leave Hope Valley for Abigail to care for her mother in another city.

The actress spent two months behind bars in August 2020 after pleading guilty to participating in a scheme in which parents bribed their children with the aim of placing them in top universities in the United States.

Lori Loughlin paid her two daughters half a million dollars to join the University of Southern California (USC) as members of the rowing team, even though she had no sporting experience.

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