Love 101 is canceled on Netflix and why is explained

second season of love 101 Just landed on Netflix. However, fans were saddened to learn that this will also be the last season of the series. Since its inception, Teen Production has been surrounded by controversies.

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Launched in 2020 with a base like Elite, the series quickly won the hearts of the masses. Hence, it follows the story of five students – who have nothing to do with each other – and end up being interned.

However, detention is not the only punishment the group will face. They are in real danger of being expelled from school. Your only hope is dear teacher Ms. Barku, who is going to teach in another school.

To prevent the teacher from dropping out of school, the students plan to make Kayman fall in love with him. But the new basketball coach also needs to be acknowledged. ok if you like love 101 And still don’t understand why it broke, here’s what we know.

reason love 101 reach the end

in the beginning, love 101 He faced severe retaliation in his home country of Turkey. The launch of the series brought some paradigm shift in Turkish society and tried to prevent its availability, even by Netflix.

However, the service retained its position and managed to start production not only in the country, but around the world. But precisely because of this the series did not end.

The Cinemaholic website claims that the real reason the series ended in season two was a simple creative decision. The portal also claims that along with the stories, all the characters had their own open points.

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However, other points may have been taken into account to conclude the plot. The most obvious is the audience. There are several series from the same place in service, but Turkish production did not come close to their success.

Despite gaining a lot of prominence in countries considered important to Netflix, especially Brazil, the series did not have a large following. Of course, the service won’t release the number publicly, but we’ve analyzed it by the top 10.

The second season, for example, did not reach the top 10 in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, or Brazil.

The last

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

The plot of the second season of love 101 completely shut down. As if the group’s stories were over and they had nowhere to tell.

Eventually, Professor Burku got exactly what the students wanted. At the same time they fight for identity and friendship. The rebellion has resulted, and chaos ensues, but the result is the overthrow of the authoritarian Nekdet.

In turn, Ada and Carem explore their dynamic and conflicting personal choices. Cayman helps Sinan with his problems because his parents have abandoned him. In the end, sparks fly between Usman and Elif.

Life’s passions and personal responsibilities are challenged and explored. But the result is that Barku and Kemal continue to run the school and, in turn, its students.

or end love 101 Ends with the original class of 5, reminiscent of their days as teenagers in their old hangout. This shows how well their friendship has stood the test of time. The arcs are closed, making it impossible to continue for a third season.

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so do you think love 101 should continue? In this video we discuss the possibilities, watch:

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