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Amy Garcia – who plays Ella Lopez on the Netflix series, Lucifer – has several comic book credits on her résumé, including GLOW vs. the Babyface and Dungeons and Dragons: Co-Writer. In The Spine of the World for IDW Publishing, Mendez (former WWE star AJ Lee) on the AJ side.

Garcia now indicates that she is working on a new comic book project featuring a “great superheroine” – a superheroine that may already be in her personal collection, no less.

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During the live question and answer session on Stagea, Garcia said, “I’m writing a lot.”

“I’m writing Dungeons & Dragons, you can see ‘Garcia e Mendez’, I’m writing with my co-author. I’m writing a comic book GLOW, which I’m very excited about.”

“And I can write, I don’t know if it’s a spoiler alert, but I can write a comic about a great superhero or not. What about?”

“This is a small tip I am writing. The next comic I’m writing is going to be a big superhero. And I can not wait. Therefore, I have written a lot. “

Garcia also indicated that, for this mysterious project, he created a new character that pays homage to Ella de Lucifer.

“So, you remember this picture of Ella with glasses. In my next comic, since many fans wear glasses, and they are so cute, I created a character who is Latin and wears glasses,” she explained. .

“When it comes out, you will see it. It will be my tribute to Lucifer fans. Because he has huge glasses. And that will be just a little reference to me. So, I want to know what fans will get. It will be released in July.

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This may be purely coincidence, but the day before the question and answer session, DC Comics announced Wonder Woman: Black and Gold, a new anthology series from a wide range of writers and artists in the United States Its first version is for launch. In june.

This is notable, as Garcia retweeted a DC post about the ad.

Either way, fans will just have to wait for official confirmation about their new project.

Garcia has starred as Ella in Lucifer since the second season of the series, which originally aired on Fox.

After its initial cancellation after the third season, the supernatural crime drama jumped to Netflix in the fourth season and beyond. The first half of the fifth season debuted on Netflix in August 2020, although the second half does not yet have a release date.

After the fifth season, Lucifer will return for its sixth and final season. In addition to the remaining Lucifer episodes, Garcia is confirmed to star in Hulu’s next adult animated series, Marvel’s MODOK, which opens in May.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, Lauren as German. Chloe Decker, DB Woodside as Amandiel, Rachel Harris as Dr. Linda Martin, Kevin Alejandro as Kate. Dan Espinoza as Leslie-Ann Brandt as Majikane Smith and Amy Garcia as Ella Lopez.

The first half of the fifth season is already being streamed on Netflix.

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