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The first feature film directed by Lazaro Ramos will be screened at the Rio Festival for the first time on the 15th of the month in Medida Provisoria, Brazil. However, screening does not mean that the title will be shown in the country. In a note posted on a social network this Monday, the makers informed that the film awaits release on the commercial circuit as well as a National Cinema Agency (NCEN) release. And they demand a definition from the agency: “Provisional Remedy is unable to be released in Brazil, despite numerous resources submitted by its producers and co-producers to the National Cinema Agency (ANCIN) for release on the commercial circuit.” . “

According to a statement published by the film’s advisory, the bureaucratic issues have not been resolved although the makers have been submitting the request since November 2020. Protocols, as well as procedural consultations were carried out”, said an excerpt from a note published on social media. network, stating that the agency did not respond to any of these questions. Hence, the film has no official release date in the country.

Since its completion, the film – which offers a dystopian view of the nation’s racial problems – has been garnering positive reviews and awards at international festivals. Based on a play from the early 2000s, written by Eldri Ananciacao, it talks of a government, accused of alleged intent to “repair” the injustices of slavery, stipulating that all blacks should Their ancestors should be deported to Africa. It is worth remembering that the story, although fictional and set nowadays, is not far from reality. In the 19th century, the United States helped create the Republic of Liberia and sent ex-slaves there.

At times, there are currently conspiracy dialogues with Brazil, launching barbs against politicians and intolerance – which many might interpret as criticism of the Jair Bolsonaro government, to which Ancien is linked. In an interview with VEJA, Lazaro Ramos denies this intention. He claims that the film was written in 2013, although it remains in the light of events in Brazil to this day. “The script started to be made in 2013, and we changed very little. It’s the writers genius to know what the future might hold if we continue with certain behaviors. The line I love the most is 2015 Se is in the script. Seu Jorge’s character says: ‘How did we not know this was going to happen?'”, said Lazaro Ramos.

In addition to Seu Jorge, the cast also includes Tais Araujo, Alfred Enoch, Adriana Esteves, Renata Sora, Mariana Ximénes and Emsida.

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