Mackenzie Scott has donated nearly $53 million in one day since her divorce from Jeff Bezos

Mackenzie Scott has donated nearly  million in one day since her divorce from Jeff Bezos

There’s no doubt that Mackenzie Scott is chasing the title of the billionaire who settled his fortune the fastest for charity. Proof of this is that, recently, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos sent a US$122.6 million (R$585.9 million) check to the American NGO Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, which promotes mentoring for America’s youth. Is. United States. This figure further adds to the total amount that the author has donated to various causes since 2019, when he divorced Bezos and received 4% of Amazon shares from him. Since then, there have been more than US$12 billion (R$57.3 billion) per day – or about US$11 million (R$52.6 billion) per day.

At the time of the matrimonial arrangement, the stake in Amazon transferred by Bezos to Scott was approximately US$50 billion (R$239.2 billion), but his fortune is currently in the range of US$36.1 billion (R$172,7). billion) and it continues to decline because of these multi-million donations made by him over the past three years. Scott announced his entry into The Giving Pledge, the super-rich group founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, whose members pledged to donate at least half of their wealth to charity while they were alive, as soon as he became the former richest man. made his divorce official. world., which, incidentally, has always been criticized for being “close-handed” in terms of philanthropy.

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