Macron calls UK to clarify its relationship with EU

Macron calls UK to clarify its relationship with EU

What is that policy [a Grã-Bretanha] Do you want to choose It may not be the best ally of the United States, the best ally of the European Union and the new Singapore […]. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a model “, the head of the French state maintained at a meeting last Friday, with a dozen reporters from foreign newspapers.

In his speech, given to AFP By the Palace of Elisha, Macron said if the UK “fully decides to translateaEthics, Would be very, very strong moments of explanation, as a deviation as a rule. And therefore, access to markets will be different ”.

“If you decide to be the new Singaporean […] I cannot say, I am not the one who directs the destiny of that country “, he said,” I wish we had a peaceful, constructive relationship, because I believe very deeply that we have a common destiny , That our intellectuals are connected, that we think the world together with our differences, but that our researchers have a common destiny and our industrialists work together ”.

“I believe in continental sovereignty, I believe in nation states, I do not believe Newbornism“Emanuel Macron said, from his perspective, ‘Brexi“” It was a “wrong” based on many lies and assuming that “it would make things more difficult for many people”.

Nevertheless, according to the President, BrittleaNikos, French and other Europeans “maintain a common destiny, because history and geography do not change”: “Therefore, I do not think, at all BrittleaNikos There may be a different destiny “, he said,” a common ambition “.

“I hope Boris Johnson and the people who accompany him will walk this path and people will have deep faith BrittleOnico is like this ”, concluded.

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