Maduro says talks with the opposition begin in August in Mexico; USA can participate – International

Maduro says talks with the opposition begin in August in Mexico;  USA can participate – International

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said this Saturday (24) that he hopes to set up a negotiating table with the opposition in Mexico in August, with Norway as mediator and in which the US government will “probably” participate. .

“We have already pre-converted a complex, difficult agenda, and we have reached an agreement on the grounds for the start of negotiations and I hope we can set this table in early August in Mexico.” Will be able” with the help of the government of Norway and possibly the participation of governments around the world (…) among them the United States”, highlighted the president in an interview with Telesur channel.

On other occasions, the president has expressed his willingness to hold talks with the opposition led by Juan Guede, who, after more than 50 countries failed to recognize Maduro’s re-election in 2018, put the country’s president in charge of the country. which they believe to be fraud.

Maduro had conditioned his participation on the suspension of economic sanctions, including sanctions on Venezuelan oil, which closed its funding path amid a harsh economic crisis.

“We are close now, I would say: from 1 to 10 we can say that we have reached 9 and in the next few days, in these negotiations, which are so far secret, in which the Norwegian government participates, if a certain Compromise has been reached”, highlighted the President.

Gued also said he was open to talks with the government. It calls for an election schedule that includes presidential elections in exchange for a “progressive suspension” of sanctions.

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The United States and the European Union have already expressed their willingness to review coercive measures to advance discussions in favor of “trustworthy” elections.

Venezuela is preparing to celebrate the election of mayors and governors on November 21, which Maduro had promised to honor, to gain international recognition.

The divided, opposition, which boycotted the 2018 presidential and 2020 legislative elections, faces the dilemma of whether or not to participate.

The last time the government and opposition spoke at the negotiating table was in 2019 in Barbados, also sponsored by Norway. These dialogues ended without a deal.

These new dialogues have also been prepared after the arrest of former deputy Freddy Guevara, a very close friend of Gued, accused of terrorism and treason.

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