Man seen passenger filming in Australia without consent on flight 02/11/2021

Man seen passenger filming in Australia without consent on flight 02/11/2021

A passenger on a domestic flight in Australia was surprised to learn that he was filmed by an unknown person on the plane.

Melbourne’s silhouette Madison-Vanderbubilt caught and confronted the filming man, causing him to delete the video.

She herself made a video of the moment of the bust and shared it on network Tickcock and Instagram, with the caption “spoiler on the plane”.

In the video the woman says calmly, “Sorry, I’ll give you a chance to get off the plane or we’ll call the police as soon as we get off the plane. Removed? Now go to the trash, find the video and delete the show me,” that silhouette. She says.

Man does what he says. And he still sends a message at the end: “You’re an idiot, I hope you know that.”

The man still protests saying “he only filmed for ten seconds”.

The passenger was rescued by Queensland Police at the airport. However, the police did not arrest the man as he did not film him in a private place.

“If you think what he did is not so bad, then you are part of the problem,” she said on Instagram.

The victim told 7News Australia that no one on the flight offered to help her during the incident, but several women voiced their support.

The Australian Federal Police said they investigated the situation as soon as the plane landed at Gold Coast Airport.

Police said, “Officers spoke to airline employees and passengers. Police also contacted the person and warned him of the alleged behavior.”

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