Manchester United 1-6 Tottenham Player Rating: Harry Maguire and Eric Bailey are on the defensive. Football news

Manchester United 1-6 Tottenham Player Rating: Harry Maguire and Eric Bailey are on the defensive.  Football news

Tottenham beat 10-1 members Manchester United at embarrassing 6-1 at Old Trafford Super sunday. Here, we rank the players on both sides.

Man Utd Player Rating

David de Gea – 4

It was another terrible afternoon for a firefighter, not as bad as the defender in front of him. He was easily beaten around Tottenham’s fourth, which was scored by his son, and it was hardly reflected on him that he scored six goals from just eight shots on goal.

Aaron Van-Bisca -.

The afternoon against Rampaging Son was a lot harder. A reliable performer for many last season, but there was a lack of awareness and a desire for Tottenham’s many goals.

Harry Maguire – 2

A disappointing performance of a once reliable performer. Maguire’s mistakes in Tottenham’s equalizing lead-up set the tone for his afternoon. He conceded a free-kick which resulted in Tottenham’s second three minutes later and never recovered.

Eric Bailey – 2

Ole Gunnar Salisbury spoke to him as a possible solution to United’s latest defense struggles before the game, but Bailey had a responsibility here. Terrible for Tottenham’s first two goals and they gave him a third gift with a loose pass in their third box. Throughout the location.


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Luke Shaw – 2

Following the performance from Shaw, the news of the arrival of leftist Alex Tales from Porto will be welcomed by the supporters. The 25-year-old was dragged out of the post and repeatedly shut down at key moments. Perhaps lucky that Lucas Mura was not sent to hack late.

Nimanja Matic – 3

Not helped by the lack of discipline around him but struggled with the pace of the game and could not cope with Tottenham’s runners-up. Not a single tackle or obstacle was made before the bend at half time.

Paul Pogba – 2

A sad afternoon for the French. Unable to do anything abusive and almost did not contribute much to the defense. He let the frustration get the better of him when he spoke to Ben Davis to accept Tottenham’s sixth penalty.

Paul Pogba

Bruno Fernandes – 4

Particularly confident from the penalty spot for United’s opening goal but that moment felt like a distant memory for half time when he was converted for Fred as Soulscare tried to sideline his midfield – in vain.

Mason Greenwood – 4

Not the kind of game in which a teenage winger can be expected to make a big impact. There was little influence on the action before Donny van de Beek was replaced in the second half.

Marcus Rashford – 4

For most of the game, a passerby, Rashford was hungry for service and didn’t have a single shot on goal. Shaw on the left-back offered little protection.

Anthony Marshall – 2

United won the penalty for the opening goal but it was as good as it got for him. It may have been unfair that Eric Lamela was not even given a red card after the scuffle, but Marshall may have had some complaints about the decision. It was a moment of dynamism and it was properly punished.

Anthony Marshall came down the tunnel after his red card
Anthony Marshall came down the tunnel after his red card


Fred – 4

Brought to come to the edge of midfield but struggled to adapt to the pace of the game.

Scott McTomney – 4

Like Fred, he was unable to provide any improvement in United’s midfield.

Donnie van de Beek – 5

Not that kind of game. A peripheral image replacing Greenwood.

Tottenham player rating

Higug Lloris – 7

Unable to stop Fernandes’ initial penalty but had nothing to do with it – sit back and enjoy the performance of his outfield teammates.

Surge Rear – 9

Matt Doherty was selected before signing the right-back before the summer and justified his inclusion with a goal and support. Rarely tested in one defense, but causing persistent problems at the other end, showing how dangerous it can be overlap.

Sergeant Rear is congratulated by his Spurs teammates after making it 5-1
Sergeant Rear was congratulated by his Spurs teammates after making it 5-1

Davinson Sanchez – 7

It was his dishonesty at Marshall that allowed Fernandes to move on to Manchester United, but he soon recovered and forgot his initial mistake.

Eric Deere – 7

What a difficult afternoon it must have been for him at the center-back became easier. United have never been bothered by attackers and have completed 78 of their 81 passes in 90 minutes.

Sergio Reguillon – 8

On the contrary, on the field, Aurier did not catch the eye at all but still it was the beginning of a very exciting Premier League. Prepared a line of chances to score from the left-back and showed a desire to run on his man.

Pierre-Emile Hodgeberg – 8

Passing Tornham’s fourth goal, ur set up the rear with the pass to the right and dominated the entire midfield. No one was touched or passed too much. Hodgsburg also holds the joint-top spot in the Spurs for Child Delivery.

Manchester United 1-6 Tottenham

Mosa Ciscoco – 8

Like Hodgeberg, he was instrumental in ensuring Tottenham dominated midfield throughout. Worked tirelessly and offered considerable restraint with the ball, completing 67 of 69 passes, giving him the highest accuracy rate on the pitch.

Tangui Nombel – 8

His future at Tottenham has been viewed with skepticism at times under Mourinho, but it looks like Nombell is finally winning over his manager. At the right time and place to score the opening goal, Deal Ali continued to impress before making his way through the middle of the second half.

Tangui is equivalent to Nombell Spurs
Tangui is equivalent to Nombell Spurs

Eric Lamela – 7

Mourinho must have liked his role in sending Marshall when he asked his players to show the dark side. Lamela was particularly hardworking in the first half but after the break Lucas Maura did not see Red in his place with Marshall in his place but was lucky.

Heng-Min’s son – 9

Another great performance by a player who started the season in the form of flowers. Completing his two goals brilliantly, he took his number seven spot for the season in all competitions and provided support for Kane’s first.

Harry Kane – 9

Like the son, he was sensational. His quick free-kick showed impressive awareness of South Korea’s first goal and many more examples of his past strength. Achieved his goal brilliantly and also received the home man-of-the-match award.


Lucas Maura – 6

Not much involved after replacing Lamela at intervals but worked hard.

Deal Ali – 7

The Premier League’s first appearance since day one suggests there may be a way for him to return to Mourinho’s plans.

Ben Davis – 7

Tottenham won the penalty for the sixth goal when he made a wrong pull from Pogba.

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