‘Manifest’: Fans campaign for Netflix to save series from cancellation

‘Manifest’: Fans campaign for Netflix to save series from cancellation

Even after the shocking cancellationmanifest‘, which was recently closed by NBC Without a good ending, it remains the most viewed production in the North American catalog. Netflix.

The success of the streaming service inspired a campaign by fans to save the series, who have been asking for it. Netflix Save the production of cancellation.

Check out the responses:

“The literal meaning of ‘manifest’ is #1.”

“Manifest” has been the most popular series on Netflix for over a month. The series isn’t in the UK catalog, or will even top here. How much more evidence is needed to save that?

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“Manifest” is still the most-watched series on Netflix. It’s proof that Jeff Rake, cast and crew made an amazing series.”

“Please Netflix, don’t let us down. ‘Manifest’ has been the most popular production in their catalog for almost a month! Save the series!”

It is worth remembering that, according to time limit, a Netflix given the opportunity to save the series from cancellation. The information indicates that the forum officials’ decision was taken after “long negotiations and deliberations that lasted for a week”.

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next cycle will start April 1st.

Remember the first two seasons are already available globeplay!

created by Jeff Rake (‘Laura’s Secret‘), the series is inspired by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014.

In the plot, Flight 828 disappears from radar and returns five years later, when it was already believed to be lost at the bottom of the ocean. Time did not pass for the passengers on board, while for their families it was the worst years of their lives. The series will follow the personal lives of these travelers as well as the mystery around them.

is cast Josh Dallashandjob Melissa Roxburghhandjob athena karkanisohandjob JR Ramirezhandjob Luna Blazehandjob Jack Messina I Parveen Kaur.

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