Chain manifesto It has been renewed for a fourth and final season by Netflix, after more than two months of uncertainty about its fate, after it was canceled by NBC in mid-June.

After several weeks of negotiations in an attempt to find a new ‘home’ for the series, Serving streaming Flagged off a 20-episode final season, which will be divided into multiple parts. This announcement was made today, on the 28th of the 8th month – in the United States, on dates, months before (in this case 8/28) – in the sign of flight number 828. which is central to the plot of the series.

starring Melissa Roxburgh I Josh Dallashandjob manifesto Tells the story of a group of people who survive a turbulent flight and, when they land, find that five years have passed since they were in the air. Everyone gets a second chance at life, but they have to deal with family and friends who believe them dead, as well as the mystery of their disappearance.

Soon, the first three seasons of the series will also become part of the Netflix catalog globally. For now, the series is available on the HBO Portugal platform in our country.