Maranho confirmed the first cases of Kovid-19 due to tensions discovered in India

Imagem ilustrativa de teste para detecção da Covid-19
Illustrative image of a test to detect Kovid-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus
Photo: Fernando Ziminacella / Pixabay

On Thursday (20), Maranho State Health Secretariat confirmed the first cases of infection by Kovid-19, known as B.1.617.2, due to a new strain discovered in India. According to the State folder, six cases of Indian stress were detected among the 24 crew members of the ship MV Shandong Da Zhi arriving from China.

Health Secretary Carlos Lula, who is also the chairman of the National Council of Health Secretary (CONUS), said on social media that the existence of a new strain on Brazilian soil was confirmed this Thursday.

Last week, the ship, which is anchored off the coast of Maranho, a 54-year-old Indian man, a ship’s crew member, was abandoned after being diagnosed with a Kovid-19. He and five other members of the crew tested positive and subsequent examinations confirmed the presence of version B.1.617.2.

Carlos Lula’s post stated, “After analysis by the institute Ewandro Chagas, the variant B1.617.2 was detected in samples of crew members positive for Kovid-19.”

“At the moment, only one of the crew is hospitalized and isolated in a private hospital. The others have good clinical development and remain isolated in the cabin of the ship that docks Maranho’s earth. Will not do. “

According to the secretary, the medical team serving the crew traveling by plane was tested before and after the action and was placed in isolation. The ship’s crew member Indian was admitted to a private hospital in Sao Luis last week. This was investigated by PCR test.

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Explaining the quarantine imposed on the ship, the State folder stated that it was alerted by the National Health Monitoring Agency (Anvisa) after the patient had symptoms of coronavirus and was hospitalized.

Also, in the last week, the federal government decided to ban international flights to or from India, a country facing a crisis due to a high record of cases and deaths by the Kovid-19.

The ban adds similar restrictions on flights from the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and South Africa. On Wednesday (19), India recorded a new record of Kovid-19 – 4,529 deaths in 24 hours.

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