Marcos Mione talks about his wife’s battle against breast cancer

Marcos Mione talks about his wife’s battle against breast cancer

The presenter recalled the difficult times and highlighted the importance of early diagnosis.

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The new month started last Friday and with it comes a very important campaign, pink october, which raises awareness about breast cancer.

The date was created in the United States in 1990. At that time, several states took action regarding the prevention and diagnosis of the disease, the most common malignant tumor in women.

In Brazil, the action took place in 2002. On this occasion, a European cosmetics brand in So Paulo used pink lights to illuminate the Ibirapuera obelisk.

After that, a number of actions began to be taken in the country’s states with the main objective of drawing attention to breast cancer, talking about appropriate treatment, and encouraging the formation of support networks.

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Via his official Instagram, the presenter Marcos Mayon Talked about wife’s health. Susanna Gullo, who celebrated 5 years of healing in March this year.

Currently 45 years old, she has been married to Mion since 2005 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. Last Friday, October 1, Marcos Mion made a special publication to talk about this topic.

“And if it matters to him, it matters to me. For us.”, wrote the presenter, who replaced Luciano Haque on Saturday afternoon in Globo.

She ended the text by saying that she chose to photograph a happy moment to remind women who are going through the same situation that there is a happy ending, as well as the importance of early diagnosis.

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Susannah also spoke about the topic on social media, noting that she went to her first event in Pink October of the year to see the exhibition De Peito Eberto, which tells the story of 300 women who died of breast cancer. face or confront them.

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