Marvel hinted at who would be in the new Avengers team in the cinema

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Avengers: Ultimatum marks the end of Marvel’s first major arc in the MCU. In the film, several characters say goodbye to the team.

As Marvel fans may remember, Iron Man and Black Widow die, while Captain America retires. Furthermore, the other characters are not guaranteed to return to the Avengers.

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What happens is that Marvel may already nominate a new team. It all starts with Spider-Man: Away from Home, which follows Avengers: Endgame, and continues on the Marvel series on Disney +.

Hawk and Winter Soldier make this even more clear. When he hands over the shield of Captain America, Sam Wilson says that the world needs “more heroes, which fit the times we live in.”

Regarding the potential new Captain America, the statement is strong. Keeping this in mind, the Avengers should also have a bigger team than before.

In the movie Spider-Man, it is clear that Peter Parker will be one of the leaders. Then there are the Disney + series: Scarlet Witch, White Vision, Hawk, Winter Soldier, Hulk Woman, Ms. Marvel, Hawke, Kate Bishop and Moon Knight.

Finally, enter the characters of the new Marvel films: the new Black Widow, Mighty Thor, Shang-chi, and Blade. Along with him, will be former members, members of Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Shuri, Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, Ant-Man, Wasp and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

With so many heroes, it makes more sense for Marvel to create different teams to fit so many characters in the same story.

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Before the Avengers story, the MCU story runs very little. She is currently with Falco and Winter Soldier.

As is the case with the new Captain America, several names in the series returned in addition to the characters in the title. Of course, the characters are from protagonist films in the MCU.

Anthony McKee and Sebastian to reprise the roles of Stan Falcon and Winter Soldier. The end of the series promises to reveal the new Captain America – possibly being Falcon, who receives a shield in Avengers: Endgame.

Baron Zemo is also back after serving as a villain in Phase 3: Captain America: Civil War. The same goes for Agent 13, or Sharon Carter.

Emily VanCamp and Daniel Bruhl return as characters. Meanwhile, Wyatt Russell is an American agent. This character is an alternative to the United States government becoming the new Captain America.

Apparently, the two Avengers heroes have to come together to save the world and the legacy of Captain America from that governmental option.

Hawk and Winter Soldier is available on Disney +.

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