Marvel Studios may be planning a Daredevil reboot

Marvel Studios may be planning a Daredevil reboot

Reportedly, Marvel is planning a reboot of “Daredevil” after it was canceled and pulled from Netflix, due to the rights to the character. CBR, According to the tabloid, a report from Production Weekly, a website that reveals news of films and series in development, reported that, “Deadpool 3”, “Madame Web”, “Craven – the Hunter” and “Blue Beetle”. with. , a “Daredevil reset” is listed.

Marvel Studios may be planning a Daredevil reboot. Image: Netflix / Disclosure

Information is still scarce and there has been no confirmation from Marvel, however, after Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) appeared in “Spider-Man: No Return Home, with Tom Holland”, the spotlight has turned to the character, It shows that Marvel hasn’t forgotten the hero. On another occasion, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige confirmed Daredevil’s return as Cox in future films in the franchise, but did not provide further details about which productions or when it would take place.


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If the reboot is real — which fans will be delighted to see — the series should land on Disney+, the new home of the entire Avengers saga. Netflix announced in February the withdrawal of certain series from streaming, such as “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage”, “The Punisher”, “Iron Fist” and “The Defenders”.

Although the reason has not yet been confirmed, it has been speculated that the reason for the series’ stage change is the studio’s rights to the characters, even more so because all the content was allocated on the Disney+ platform, streaming which Walt is part of. Is. Conglomerate Disney as well as Marvel Studios.

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According to the official Disney+ Twitter, in Brazil, however, the titles still have no premiere date, only available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand starting March 16.

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