Marvel unveils new Captain America

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It is no surprise to say that Falcon is the new Captain America of Marvel in the MCU. Steve Rogers adapted himself to Avengers: Endgame.

Mantle is still discussed in Falco and Winter Soldier. But, in a way, the character already has a responsibility since the momentous film.

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Now, Marvel has introduced another representative for Mantle in the comics. The first indigenous Captain America was revealed.

The character is inspired by Native Americans. His name is Joe Gomez and the hero comes from the Kickapoo tribe.

The character was created by Darcy Little Bagger, an Apache scientist and writer, and David Cutler, an artist on the Kallipu Reservation. The character has its headquarters in The United States of Captain America # 3.

In this story, Steve Rogers will take a trip through the United States. He will discover more heroes who wear their robes in different areas.

The first comic of the series features Aaron Fisher, who will be the first LGBTQ + Captain America. Check out images of another new Captain America Joe Gomez from Marvel.

In Marvel’s cinematic universe, Falcon is the Captain America holder. The character, even, should return for the protagonist’s fourth film.

This will be Sam Wilson’s first starring film starring Anthony Mackie. Earlier, Chris Evans had Steve Rogers as the star in the films.

Sam Wilson’s story has already been explored in Falco and Winter Soldier. The show is on Disney +.

By now known, Malcolm Spellman, the creator of the series Falco and Winter Soldier, co-wrote Captain America 4 with Dalan Muson, who wrote a hard-hitting and well-received episode titled “Truth”. Sam Wilson’s plot concludes with Captain America deciding to take on the iconic cloak and shield.

The Marvel series, Hawk and Winter Soldier is now available on Disney +. There is no release date for Captain America 4 yet.

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