Matthew. Wright’s wife Amelia ’emotionally traumatized’ after scary obesity

Matthew.  Wright's wife Amelia 'emotionally traumatized' after scary obesity

TV host Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia have revealed in their first television interview about the horrific deer that came from a Draker’s hand.

Shamil The 53-year-old has counted a dance in Wood Green Crow Court earlier this month between November and May 2018 due to a serious alarm or disturbance.

She recently appeared in Matthew’s former show The Right Stuff and declared herself a “super fan” in a 2016 interview.

Matthew and his wife, Amelia, a young daughter named Cassidy, endured six months of torture, with the woman screaming in her home letterbox, which she recorded as evidence.

Speaking on Lorraine on Monday, Amelia fought back with tears as she opened up about the “emotional scars”, and revealed some of the problems she faced.

Matthew Wright and his wife, Amelia, said their biggest problem was “taking their own lives.”

She told host Lauren Kelly that during her heavy pregnancy, the woman was teased by Rat about her postnatal dangers, and when Cassidy was born she explicitly asked to keep the baby outside the family home. Appeared.

In a video aired on the ITV show, Matthew and his wife panicked and hid while studying with their daughter, as if someone was heard screaming in the background.

Amelia told Lorraine: “I feel sick to my stomach when I see that footage. It was just the scariest time, scary and scary.”

Matthew and Amalia Wright recorded some incidents

After her show was banned, Matthew and Amalia claimed to have participated in a charity auction in which they were participating and were tracked.

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Amelia recalled with tears in her eyes: “I was very pregnant and she told me, ‘Women your age are more likely to give birth’, I was shocked by my origin.”

Matthew added: “I dragged her talking to Amelia. I ran off the stage and grabbed Amelia, and we walked away from the house so she couldn’t find us, but she knew us.”

Matthew Wright’s wife, Amalia, said he was “emotionally tainted.”

A few days later, when Amelia was home alone, she revealed to Rat that she would find out which maternity ward she would be in and wait for her and the baby.

The police joined in, appreciating their help with Matthew, but returned after the birth.

Amelia continued: “She was trying to get her hand in the letter box, asking the child.”

The new mom will face panic attacks as a result of the trouble, and was too scared to leave the house if her daughter was abducted.

“It takes over your life,” Matthew revealed before Amelia had a long-term effect on mental health.

“It’s a long shadow over me, I’m still shaken and upset. Obviously, I hope help has been given but it has hurt me emotionally,” he said. “

Lorraine airs on ITV on weekdays at 9am.

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