Maximiano was already in India when he was reported to have testified in the CPI

Maximiano was already in India when he was reported to have testified in the CPI

a CNN He also gained exclusive access to the boarding pass of Francisco Maximiano, a fellow of Nessidade medicos, who told the CPI that he was traveling to India and, therefore, asked the commission to reschedule his testimony. The note proves that Maximiano rode in Hyderabad, India on the 25th day of Doha, Qatar. The businessman had left for the capital of Qatar from Brazil on Saturday night.

The President of the CPI of the Epidemic, Senator Omar Aziz, decided to request a copy of the boarding pass of Nescedade Medimentos, Francisco Maximiano’s companion, as evidence that his departure for India took place last Sunday (25) , as reported by CPI. Omar Aziz wants to decide what to do only after Francisco Maximiano’s defense response.

Francisco Maximiano’s passport stamp
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The CPI informed the businessman about the testimony on Monday (26). If confirmed that he was involved prior to the communication, the CPI does not intend to take legal action, such as forced driving or a request for preventive detention, as indicated by the CPI’s vice president, Senator Randolph Rodrigues (REDE-AP). ) have said.

The partner of Need Medicinal, an intermediary company in the purchase of the Covaxin vaccine, on Wednesday (28/07) asked the CPI to reschedule its testimony before the commission. The program included listening to Maximiano the following Wednesday (4/8).

The Secretary of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission was informed that Maximiano was in India and, therefore, would not be able to attend the statement. The request was that he be called to testify after 8/10, when he would return to Brazil. However, Anvisa recommends that every traveler residing in India be quarantined for 14 days.

Boarding pass
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Also on Wednesday (28), Maximiano’s defense triggered the Federal Supreme Court, asking Minister Rosa Weber to reconsider the decision that made Maximiano’s appearance at the CPI mandatory after the pandemic. The argument is that the entrepreneur is treated as a probe by the commission.

after reporting from CNN Informing that the CPI would seek proof of Maximiano’s visit, the businessman’s defense petitioned the Commission stating that the visit began a day after the release (24) in which Barath Biotech breached the MoU with Necid Was. And he reported that he reported the visit to the federal police as well as the CPI.

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