Meena Kumari’s stepdaughter Kangana Ranaut; “It simply came to our notice then Hindi movie news

Meena Kumari's stepdaughter Kangana Ranaut;  "It simply came to our notice then  Hindi movie news
Meena Kumari’s stepmother Tajdar Amrohi stared Kangana Ranaut To comment on the late veteran actress. Kangana had said during an interview Meena Kumari Was a victim of Triple talc And had to pass Halala. Now, in a conversation with Navbharat TimesCriticizing Kangana, Tajdar said that her family and Meena Kumari have goodwill. He further said that a “stupid girl” like Kangana could not tarnish the image of her family.

Tajdar further said that Meena Kumari and her father Kamal Amrohi Shias were Muslims and the Hala marriage process does not take place in the Shia community.

Tajdar also said that he was disturbed to hear the same thing over and over again about his family and mother. He also said that Kangana’s stupidity has created uneasiness and that ‘ManikarnikaThe actress should do research before making any comment. He demanded that Kangana apologize to her family so that it could dispel misconceptions among the people.

Concluding the conversation, Tajdar said that he may have lodged a complaint against Kangana, however, he heard that she had left her home at the age of 15 and so he is assuming that the actress never completed her education.

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