Meet Nouri actress Jਨੇrgen Korchdo

Meet Nouri actress Jਨੇrgen Korchdo

Netflix’s new comedy series is all about shoes – but not just a pair of old kicks. Sneakers, Joe Debbie on the streaming platform today. Immersed in the culture of collecting sneakers, it takes us all the way from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and back.

Sneakers, Named one of DeCider’s 10 Best New Shows on Netflix this month, Devin (Ellen Maldonado) raises a former Sinkyhead who lives with his father in search of family life in his shoe days. Was in the form. When he returns to the old world, he leaves behind, involving his friend Bobby (Andrew Bac Bachelor) in a rich-fast plan, he loses 5,000. To get it back and prevent his wife from finding out, Devin began searching for a mysterious pair of precious sneakers, enlisting the help of some fellow sneakers to accomplish his mission.

This is when we meet Nuri, played by actress Jarnest Corchdo, a shoe dealer. Nuri has come to help Devin and Bobby find a pair of zero, mythical kicks that they intend so much on tracking. He is a strong entrepreneur looking for rare shoes, which gives him a complete boost in his search for Zeroes – and he is easily one of the best characters in the show. Here’s what we all know about Corchado, the actress who brings Nuri to life Sneakers.

What did Jornest Corchdo join in?

Sneakers Corchado has not worked on a single project. The actress has given a lot of credit to her name, including show-like performances. Blacklist, As 143 And Fame, Apple TV + series as well Little America. Corchado has been working since 2011, and there are some upcoming projects we can expect to see later. Sneakers.

Who is the biggest Corchado?

Corchado is an actress originally from Carolina, Puerto Rico. He is currently starring as Nuri Sneakers, But according to His websiteCorchado is also a budding filmmaker. He is listed as a producer on three projects on his IMDB page, including shorts. We were children And Towns And TV series To stop here.

Which is the first Sneakers CAST?

You already know Sneakers The main cast includes Corchado, Maldonado and Bachelor, but there are a few other stars in the series. There are Matthew Jos Jason (Steve), King Mondschen (Christine), Justin Lee (Cole), and Aaja Evans (Jia). You may even recognize an old one Office The star that briefly appears in the series. Brian Baum Magartner, who played Kevin Malone in the workplace comedy, appears in Sneakers As Devin’s boss.

Is there a Sneakers Trailer?

Yes! And you can see it here. Just scroll through this article and watch the full video.

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