Mega Man X Dive finally released for free on Brazilian Steam

Mega Man X Dive finally released for free on Brazilian Steam

mega man x dive, available in mobile version since 2020, finally its PC version was released in Brazil. Made it available for free today (4) on steam platform For the whole of South America.

The game maintains the traditional sidescroll mechanics of the franchise, but regularly adds new stages and new playable characters – including bosses. It’s a free-to-play format: free of charge, but with various characters, skins, items and perks that you can buy via payment.

The story goes that the files for all Mega Man X games (which were very successful since the Super Nintendo in the 90s) were stored in a virtual world called Deep Log. But these files were attacked by the Mavericks, who were the traditional enemies of Capcom’s character. It is up to him and the other heroes to restore order.

To celebrate the launch on Steam, new players will receive 60 free spins and a limited Mega Man X6It’s called a gate. He’s also the star of the Temporary Mad Scientist event, which has a new stage available until the 16th. There will also be special rewards for new entrants to other daily challenges.

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