Meninas da Colina: Vasco beats Boavista in the third round of the Guanabara Cup of Women’s Football

Meninas da Colina: Vasco beats Boavista in the third round of the Guanabara Cup of Women’s Football

Vasco returned for the Guanabara Cup for women’s football. Meninas da Colina defeated Boavista 5–0 in the third round of the Guanabara Cup in CT Artsul. Luana, Julianinha, India, Dani Barao and Annie scored for the expressive Cross-Maltina victory.

With the win, the team continued to lead the competition with three wins, twenty-eight goals scored and none conceded. The girls return to the arena in front of Portuguesa at CT Artsul again on Saturday at 3 pm. This match will be valid for the fourth round of the State Championship.

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After 2 minutes the girls easily opened the scoreboard. After Luana’s corner kick, the defense was cut, but the ball remained at the feet of the shirt. With the category, the player went straight to the goal and opened the scoring for the Cruz de Malta team.

From there, Vasco grabbed the opportunity and put pressure on the opponents. Seven minutes after the first goal, Julianinha raised the score and gave more peace of mind. Third came from India’s legs, who made a beautiful kick from outside the field over Boavista’s archer.

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In the first half, Dani Barao took advantage of a corner kick, guessed the marking, and placed the ball in the back of the net. At the final stage, top scorer Annie scored her eighth goal in the state championship. The athlete was dropped in the field by Carol Leight. In recovery, he removed the target and sanctified another route to the Giant of the Hill.

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