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Sir Michael Caine will no longer appear in theaters or on television after more than 70 years of acting. The 88-year-old British actor announced this Friday (15) that he will retire from the big screen after his latest film ‘Best Sellers’, a dramatic comedy, premiered in September at festivals in the United States and Canada Was.

in an interview with bbc radio, Michael Caine explained the decision. The reasons why he had to retire include a back problem that affects his legs, the disruption of projects due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a lack of heroism for the elderly in theatres.


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“Weirdly, this was actually my last role (‘best seller’). Because I haven’t worked out for two years and I have a back problem that affects my legs so I can’t walk very well … and I also wrote a book, a few books, that got published and were successful, so now I’m not an actor, I’m a writer. Which is lovely, because as an actor you have to wake up at six thirty in the morning One has to go to the studio. As a writer, you start writing without getting out of bed”, he remarked.

Kane first appeared in theaters in 1950 in an uncredited role in the film Morning Departure. The actor was working in this field since 1946. But actually in 1956, at the age of 22, he had started gaining more space in productions. One of his first masterpieces as a hero was ‘Um coup a Italiana’ in 1969.

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In 1980, Michael Caine starred alongside Angie Dickinson and Nancy Allen in the psychosocial thriller Dressed to Kill. The list of actor’s work in both film and television is huge. He left TV productions in 2003 and remained on the big screen, where he concentrated in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” films with stellar performances such as Alfred Pennyworth’s Butler.

Michael Caine’s latest film is ‘Best Sellers’, in which he plays a grumpy writer. Image: Disclosure

The trilogy was not the only work of the actor with the director. He was part of the cast of ‘The Great Trick’ in 2006, ‘The Origin’ in 2010, ‘Interstellar’ in 2014 and ‘Dunkirk’ in 2017. The most recent collaboration between the two was Feature. Tenet” was released last year.

Michael Caine also has an award-winning career. He has been nominated for an Oscar six times, winning twice. The first nominations came in 1966 for Best Actor for “Alfie”, followed by “Killing in 1972” and “Rita’s Awakening” in 1983. The two wins were for the next two nominations for Best Supporting Actor for ‘Hannah and Her’ in 1986. Sisters’ and in 1999 for ‘Rules of Life’. Britt was nominated again in 2002 for ‘The Quiet American’ as Best Actor.

‘Best Sellers’, the last film starring Michael Caine, starred the now-retired actor as a ruthless writer named Harris Shaw. Actress Aubrey Plaza co-stars. The feature film was supposed to premiere in March 2019, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think it would be [meu último filme], Yes. To be honest, for two years no offers have come because no one is making films that I want to do. Plus, you know I’m 88 years old. There’s really no script for the 88-year-old hero, you know?”, the actor said.

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