Michael J. Focus plot as ‘second retirement’ as he struggles to remember words amidst health issues


The ‘Go Back to the Future’ actor is ready to give up his acting career as he is struggling to ‘download the words and repeat them’ after many health problems.

Michael J. Fox Ready to call on your acting career.

In his new book, “No futureThe 59-year-old actor, who is nearly 30 years old to fight Parkinson’s disease, has admitted that he has entered a “second retirement” and is ready to end his acting career.

Sharing that “his work as an actor does not define me,” Fox kept telling readers that there was only one factor in his decision to stop acting in his recent health struggles.

He writes, “The recent decline in my ability to download words and repeat them verbally is a fresh wave in the pond.” “There are reasons why I have trouble remembering – whether it’s age, cognitive issues with the disease, distractions from the constant sensations of Parkinson’s, or lack of sensation due to the spinal cord – but I take it as a message, as an indicator. Read. ”

Go back to the futureThe star, who was diagnosed with the disease in 1991 at the age of 29, adds: “There is a time for everything, and my time to spend twelve hours a working day and remember the seven-page dialogue is my Better than .. “At least for now.”

Fox writes, “To be fair and for producers, directors, editors and poorly scripted supervisors, not to mention actors who enjoy a little speed, I’m entering second retirement.” “It can change, because everything changes. But if that’s the end of my acting career, so be it.”

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During his battle with Parkinson’s disease, the actor discovered that an illegal mass was growing on his spine – threatening his mobility. As he learned to walk again after secret spinal surgery, he fell and broke his arm.

“It was when I questioned everything,” he recalled. “Parkinson’s, my back, my arm.”

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