Michelle Morrone and Simone Susina the characters are real

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it is not news to anyone 365 days One of Netflix’s biggest hits. In his story, Massimo Torricelli (Michelle Morrone) is a mobster and has a strange obsession with executive Laura Beale (Anna-Maria Sicluka), which he had seen only once while trapped. Also, when he meets her again years later, he kidnaps her in the hope that she will return his love in a year.

The Polish erotic attracted attention for its hot and controversial scenes. According to critics and netizens, the film romanticized sexual abuse and kidnapping – which was quite irresponsible to critics. Nevertheless, the feature won the Top 10 and remained in the first place for several days. So, with such bearing, the vast streaming Decided to produce two scenes, which ended their recording this week.

However, beyond the end of filming, another point has attracted headlines recently: the actual inspiration of 365 days. According to the author of the books that originated the presentations, blanca lipinskaBoth the story and the characters are real. So, see what the author said on the subject.

The characters of Michelle Morrone and Simone Susina are real. | Photo: Editing/Reproduction.

365 days Is it inspired by real people and facts?

This may all sound like a fantasy, but it is not! According to Blanca Lipinska, in an interview with Metro UK, the story of 365 days It’s not so fictional. Although the author does not confirm whether the plot was inspired by any past events, the characters are very real. According to him, both Massimo Torricelli and Nacho (simone susinna) are real people and with whom Lipinska came to live.

The man I inspired to raise Nacho lives in the Canary Islands – he taught me how to surf. There is also a real life Massimo, who is in Sicily.

The author said.

With this, Blanca does not reveal her true identity, but announces that Massimo and Nacho’s inspiration resides in Italy and Spain respectively. In film and in saga books 365 daysThe mobsters vie for Laura’s love. When the young woman decides to be with Massimo at the first job, Nacho appears in the scenes and kidnaps her and does everything to win her over. Thus, in the end, the executive has to choose with whom it wants to spend the rest of its life.

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