Microsoft Offers 50% Off For Those Using Pirated Office

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a Microsoft Began implementing a new strategy to reduce the number of users using the pirated version of the package’s content editors The Office,

The new method doesn’t actually block access, but does include a notification that appears in the unregulated program, suggesting that a user using pirated software may “be a victim of forgery”—that is, that Without directly accusing the person and taking into account that some may have been duped by the people involved.

On the page, the company states that using illegally installed programs can expose a computer to various security threats, in addition to creating a risk of data loss and not being eligible for performance updates or updates that fix vulnerabilities. .

Discount page offered.Source: bleeding computer

In addition to notice, Microsoft is offering up to 50% off your annual subscription to the Microsoft 365 service, First Office 365 . was known as, which includes using similar content editors and storing data in the cloud, among other benefits.

The promotion is only valid for those who click and click on the discount and it is only offered on Family and Individual plan. With this news, the company may persuade some users of illegal versions of the program to migrate to the official platform.

In addition to guaranteeing discounts, the strategy may also keep ordinary users away from certain threats. Recently, one of Microsoft’s most popular software piracy programs was accused of being a source of proliferation. Malware that steals cryptocurrencies.

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