Microsoft Paint app will support dark mode in Windows 11, will get new interface

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Aug 21, 2021, 04:14 PM

Soon all users will start getting the Windows 11 update.

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 11 is currently available as a public beta version and may be released to everyone in the next few months.

Apart from major design changes, Android apps integration and widgets, the company is also going to make major changes to the existing apps.

Microsoft Paint App Design Windows 11 It is about to change completely and new information related to it has come out.

App comes pre-installed in all Windows versions

Microsoft’s painting and drawing program Paint comes pre-installed in all Windows versions.

The company’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panoy tweeted that Paint will be redesigned with Windows 11 and will see more changes apart from the interface.

A short video has also been shared by him on the microblogging platform, in which the new program is seen in action.

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information in tweet

dark mode

Paint app will get support for dark mode

Paint app will get support for dark mode
Windows 11 users will also get support for Dark Mode in the Paint app.

The short video has revealed that the Paint program found in Windows 11 will come with Dark Mode support.

Also in the video user interface Some changes related to (UI) have also been seen.

It has been revealed that the design of the new Paint app will look to match the rest of the interface of Windows 11.

Users who are part of the Windows Insider Program will soon start getting this app in Windows 11.

The company will also make changes in other apps

In Windows 11 OS, users will get a new updated Snipping Tool and it is being said that with its help, users will be given a better experience.

In addition to the Snipping Tool, other built-in apps could include Calculator, Mail and Calendar, which the company is about to make changes.

These apps still provide essential features to the users but their design language will be changed with Windows 11.

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Only selected users got the update

Only selected users got the update
Users can start getting the new update from October.

The Early Access update for the new OS is currently only rolled out to select users who are part of the Windows Insider Program.

The software company has not yet revealed the official release date of Windows 11 and normal users do not know when they will be able to download the latest update.

While launching the new operating system in June, the company had said that the latest Windows Update for all users would be released in the holiday season.

You can download now like this

If you want the latest Windows 11 update before the rest, you can insider program can be a part of. After this you will get the option to download the trial version of the new operating system. The purpose of the Windows Insider program is to test early OS builds.

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