Miles Taylor replaces Army Hammer in the series on The Godfather

Miles Taylor replaces Army Hammer in the series on The Godfather

Miles taylor (Fantastic Four, Sprain) Will substitute for Army hammer (Lonely knight, Call me by your name) In ProposalChain Paramount + Which portrays the real story behind the scenes of the film in 10 episodes Saint (1972), winner of three Oscars. Actor will play the role of hero Al ruddy, The producer of the acclaimed feature film.

The hammer Messages sent to several women on Twitter and Instagram were removed from production in January following allegations of sexual misconduct involving leaking. In them, the actor described sexual fantasies that included abuse and even cannibalism. The actor also withdrew his name from other projects, such as the romantic comedy shotgun wedding.

In addition to the series’ hegemony, Tailor Also assumes the role of executive producer of the plot bringing the production of the classic Francis Ford Coppola From the eyes of Al ruddy. Itinerary will be signed Nikki Toscano (Hunter) I Michael Tolkien (The player) Dexter fletcher (rocket Man) Will direct some episodes.

Proposal, Still not expected to launch, is the result of plans Viacombs To take full advantage of the intellectual property he possesses. Specially designed for Paramount +, Production will not keep up with the classic Saint In the United States, as the film has a two-year exclusive contact with the company’s streaming platform Nbc universal Peacock (Not yet available in Brazil).

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