Millions of unemployed people in America will stop receiving financial aid. National newspaper

Millions of unemployed people in America will stop receiving financial aid.  National newspaper

Millions of unemployed people in the United States will stop receiving aid by this Saturday (26). This is a reflection of the impasse surrounding the new economic stimulus package.

All the benefits of pandemic emergency assistance are winning. The $ 300 weekly aid for those receiving unemployment insurance expires on Saturday. The ban on giving arrears to tenants expires on 31 December.

In addition to providing direct assistance to workers, the 5,000-page text still has about $ 300 billion in loans available to help small businesses and disburse funds.

A resolution passed in Congress earlier this week by Democrats and Republicans would also set an amount of $ 1.4 trillion to finance the federal government and keep it going.

Money runs out on Tuesday (29), and the government may run out of money to pay employees. The next day after congressional approval, President Donald Trump released a video on a social network threatening to veto the package.

He criticized the proposal to send $ 600 checks to low-income families. Trump said the amount was “a disgrace” and said Americans were entitled to receive a check for $ 2,000, about $ 10,000.

House Speaker, opposition Democrat Nancy Pelosi, responded that she is ready to approve the new price suggested by the president, but resistance to increasing the gains comes from within Trump’s own party, which has refused to negotiate at large help.

President Trump shows no signs that he will sign the package. And Americans need immediate help: 14 million people are unemployed and thousands of small businesses are threatening to close their doors.

In addition, epidemic numbers are out of control. There were 330,000 deaths in the country during Christmas.

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