Missing dog meets teacher at Walmart’s box – Small Business Big Business

Missing dog meets teacher at Walmart's box - Small Business Big Business

some stories seem Movies. In this one, hypermarket network walmart One of the main characters. we United States of americaA little dog named Abby is reunited with her family after spending weeks missing.

Walmart starred in a movie scene in the United States (Photo: Playback/WikiCommons)

And the incident happened at a supermarket checkout in a unit located in Alabama.

June Rountree and her husband spent more than 20 days looking for their dog, until something impressive happened.

One day, June, who is a cashier at Walmart, was working normally when she heard a noise in the supermarket.

Bitch Abby meets her teacher (Photo: Breeding / Facebook)

Bitch Abby meets her teacher (Photo: Breeding / Facebook)

The noise was of a dog running through the shop, running from several people trying to corner the animal. June had already taken Abby to the store’s parking lot several times, and perhaps the Beast remembered that way.

In Interview “I didn’t know what was going on at that place,” he told the Washington Post. until, a few minutes later, puppy Abby appears in front of cashier No. 6, where June was working. “I managed to just bow down and hug him. I was in complete shock and couldn’t believe it,” he said.

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