Mobile Maker Fair Encourages Entrepreneurship in Joo Pessoa and Strengthens the Local Economy

Mobile Maker Fair Encourages Entrepreneurship in Joo Pessoa and Strengthens the Local Economy

Marketing ‘Cocada da Carminha’ for over 20 years, María do Carmo saw the Mobile Maker Faire as a great opportunity to try and take their products to different audiences in each edition of the event. This weekend, the Joo Pessoa City Hall project landed in the Decemburgdor Osias nacre Gomes Square in the Jardim Oceania neighborhood. “It was a door that was open in the middle of the pandemic, when we weren’t selling, and now we can see that the population has embraced this idea wherever we go”, he highlights.

According to Carminha, the structure that traders are receiving is fundamental to the success of the project. She proudly states that the acceptance of her product is getting great and coconuts have already gone to countries like USA and even Japan.

Carminha recalled that the idea was so successful that his daughter, Ryan Ferreira, began helping him make the dessert. “We have already taken our art to the United States and Japan, which makes us very proud of the public’s good acceptance.

For Aline Gouvia, who has participated since the first edition of the fair, the initiative has been fundamental to boost sales and provide a new opportunity for those who wish to grow in the business world. “Our examples have encouraged others to follow the same path of entrepreneurship,” he said.

new opportunities – Jacquiara Medeiros, Technical Advisor, Urban Development Secretariat, highlighted the initiative to encourage those who are thinking about entrepreneurship and also strengthen the business of those who are already working in the world of entrepreneurship. “Apart from opening up opportunities for those who were stuck at home due to the pandemic, we offered this new option, which is Mobile Mela,” he said.

Jasiyara also recalled that the municipal administration has also encouraged employment and income generation with training, lectures and opening of credit lines of these entrepreneurs.

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Partnerships – Jacqueira Medeiros also said that this month, Sederb, in partnership with Cebre, will offer a course specifically aimed at serving this audience. He also said that ‘Capacita Mobile Fairs’ will be made available soon, which are small workshops focused on gastronomy, handicrafts and other activities. “This initiative will have important partners, such as Seidest, Cebre and the Parliamentary Entrepreneurship Front of the Legislative Assembly”, he concluded.

The Mobile Manufacturers Fair is organized by the Secretariat of Urban Development (Sedurb), in partnership with the Secretariat for Economic Development and Labor (SEDEST) and the National Union of Family Farming and Solidarity Economy Cooperatives (UNICAFES-PB).

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