Monica’s Gang | Characters get different names in other countries!

Monica's Gang |  Characters get different names in other countries!

One of the most famous paintings in Brazil, the Monica’s Ganga Known by a large part of the population, has become one of the greatest successes of the designer Mauritius From swellingFor example, comics are also exported to other countries such as the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

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However, as well as the animations and foreign comics that came to Brazil, Monica’s Ganga When it arrived in other countries, it also underwent some changes, most notably the names of its beloved characters.

U.S. United States of America, Monica’s Ganga Called Monica’s Ganga, and some characters also got other names.

It is worth noting that these changes are meant to make the design more attractive and adaptable to the reality of the region, not least because many Brazilian names and surnames are not so well known in other languages ​​around the world.

Check out the main changes in Monica’s Ganga just below:


in the old continent, Monica’s Ganga if arrived in spain monica and her friends And it also changed the names of its characters a bit. For example, there monica is called monica, while cebolinha is called cebolita and casco is called cascarone. Of the main group, only the Magali did not change their name.


In the land of classic pizza and pasta, the group became known as monica gang, With the main changes occurring in the names of Cebolinha and Casco, which would be renamed Cipollino and Pataca, respectively.

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In the land of anime, with such a distinct language, comics are known to flame Monica and Furenzu, In the Asian country, Monica is called Monica, while Cebolinha became Seborinha, Casco is called Casucon and Magali, Magari.


As it turned out initially, in the land of superhero comics, Mauricio De Souza’s cartoon was named Monica’s Ganga, in which Cebolinha becomes the Jimmy Five, Casco becomes Smudge and Magali becomes Maggi. The R for R with Cebolinha in the US version is replacing R instead of R for L.

monica gang movie

Cast of Turama da Monica – Text (Publication/Globo Films)

Monica’s Gang is close to winning a new film in live-action form with real actors performing after the success of Monica’s Gang – Tie.

called from Monica’s Gang – Lessons, The film is scheduled to hit the theaters on December 30, 2021 and recently, after revealing its first minute at CCXP 2021, the excerpt was posted on the social network.

Debuting in December, the film’s cast includes names like Monica Iozzi, Luiz Pacini Paulo Vilhena, and Fafa Reno, who plays Cebolinha’s parents. In addition to special guest appearances by Malu Mader and Isabel Drummond.

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