Movie Synopsis disappoints, but take it easy

Movie Synopsis disappoints, but take it easy

Mortal Kombat (1995) is the film I have seen the most in my life. Despite all the problems, I love every fight (especially a random monk from Liu Kang and the fight against reptiles), I love the soundtrack and I also like photography. The script is far from ideal, but it must withstand: Looking at the original material (the first two games), Kevin Drony did a good job.

Liu Kang did not need to be a brother, it is true. Art Lean, the character created for the film, did not just fall prey to Goro. The scorpion and the sub-zero did not have to be on the same side. We can point to a number of flaws in the feature film, but fans of the game, in terms of adaptation, didn’t have much to complain about at the time. Mortal Kombat’s story was not always as good as it is now in sports.

However, just when the game is praised in the series, in particular, for the narrative, there is a synopsis of a new film that completely escapes what fans might expect from Mortal Kombat’s adaptation.

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As in the Resident Evil films, the protagonist of the Mortal Combat film adaptation will not be a character in the games. Cole Young, an MMA fighter born with the Mortal Kombat Dragon Mark on his body, was only made for the feature film. This was enough for many fans, with reason, to be disappointed and without much hope for the future. After all, in a universe with so many known and beloved heroes, why leave anyone else in the center of everything? In fact, this is just one of the problems.

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The very structure of the Mortal Kombat universe appears to have been radically altered. Since when have all the fighters in sports had a dragon mark on their bodies? How does Sonya Blade admit that Raiden is training Kano with the other Earth guards? And, for good, it is clear that Kano will betray the Earth at some point, so why waste time creating this mystery?

It is not difficult to think that the film would have had more potential if it had adapted the story of Mortal Kombat (2011) without the time travel factor, which is the first tournament. And it won’t sound too much like the original MK film – after all, they will include characters that weren’t even made at the time of the first adaptation, such as Kwan Chi.

However, for some reason, they decided to change almost everything.

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As many have said in countless similar cases, it is not necessary for an adaptation, frame by frame, the game in which it is inspired. However, changing so many fundamental elements of history and mythology always creates some inconvenience for the most passionate fans.

Well, I have complained so far, so why does my title indicate that I am expecting? Simply, because I still believe that he created an original character to meet the audience’s expectations. I have no doubt that Cole Young will be important at the beginning of the film, but I’m sure he will die (either in the first 20 minutes or at the end). Remember: They have already promised that the film will be violent like sports.

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First, the extremely violent death of the protagonist would be a great way to shock and surprise viewers (in addition to combining a lot with the franchise). Second, if there are planned sequels, the classic characters should return, so there are only a few options left to kill in the adaptation.

I’ll Kick: Henzo Hashiishi (later became Scorpion), Cole Young and Bi-Han (the first sub-zero, who dies and becomes Nob Saibot in the Games). Except for Kano, of course.

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Remember the following: What happened to the original characters of the first Mortal Combat film? Everybody died. Liu Kang’s brother, random monk Liu Kang encountered, Art Lean; They all died and, even though it wouldn’t worry about the new adaptation, I hope it would happen again and allow the really important characters to be responsible for the main events of the film.

In the United States, the film Mortal Kombat opens in theaters and HBO Max on 16 April. There is no forecast for launch in Brazil. The adaptation is directed by Simon McQuoid and stars James Vann (Evil franchise, introduction to Aquaman), Todd Garner (Into the Storm), e. Bennett is produced by Walsh (Men in Black: International), in addition to McCoid.

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