Movies inspired by Jane Austen’s novels, from ‘Emma’ to ‘Pride and Prejudice’

More than 200 years after his death, British author Jane Austen (1775–1817) continues to fascinate fans with her novels, which, in addition to a typical love story, with text of trace irony, the English There is also a picture. Society of that time. And, evidence that the author’s popularity with “pride and prejudice” and “reason and sensitivity” – just for the best-known name – continues to increase is that his works continue to inspire adaptation. The previous days were “Emma” – by Autum de Wilde, who has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Hair and Makeup category – and the “Sanditon” series, which is based on the novel written by Last and Austin, which opens on Friday. On globoplay. Check out other productions inspired by his works – and the author himself.


A series based on the incomplete book by Austen, Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and Tom Parker (Chris Marshall) in the scene of “Sanditon”. Photo: Simon Ridgway / Disclosure

With eight episodes, the series, directed by Andrew Davis, tells the story of Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), a young woman who goes quiet in a rural town in the inner city of the United States to promote a growing coastal village, Sadinton. Exchanges life. At the invitation of investor Tom Parker (Chris Marshall). Jane Austen wrote 11 chapters of “Sadinton”. (Globeplay)

‘Causes and Sensitivity’

Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet em "Cause and sensitivity".  Photo: Everett Collection / Disclosure
Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet in “Reason and Sensibility”. Photo: Everett Collection / Disclosure

a. The first novel published in 1808 by Jane Austen under the pseudonym of Lady was found in three TV series made by the BBC in 1971, 1981 and 2008. But the highest production is of production which tells the story of the Dashwood sisters, Ellar and Marianne. , And their respective relationship, is a 1995 film directed by Ang Lee, which won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay by Emma Thomson. The actress herself plays Elinor, and Kate Winslet (before the break on “Titanic”) plays Marianne in the feature film that still stars Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman. (Google Play).

‘pride and Prejudice’

Jane Austen’s best-known and best-selling book is also the one that was most screened. The role of Elizabeth Bennett, an independent young woman who does not want to marry, is already played by several actresses, ranging from Karigwen Lewis (1938) to Jennifer Ehle (1995). The 2005 version with Keira Knightley in the lead role is directed by Joe Wright as Matthew McPhaden as the romantic pair of actresses. Available on Prime Video, the feature was nominated for four Oscar categories in 2006, including Best Actress for Kiara Knightley. The book also won a parody in a scary version of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” (Google Play).


Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of "Emma", Nominated for this year's Oscars.  Photo: Revealed
This year’s Oscar nominee, in the role of Anya Taylor-Joy “Emma”. Photo: Revealed

Anya Taylor-Joy (“The Queen’s Gambit”) portrayed the girl in the Oscar-nominated Autumn Day Wild film (2020), playing the role of a rich, intelligent and beautiful young woman running away from relationships – but not included Likes to Be Couple – It was once Gwyneth Paltrow. It was in a 1996 feature of Douglas McGrath that he won an Oscar for Best Soundtrack.


Written in 1816 and published in 1818, after the author’s death, the book revolves around Anne Elliot, a young woman who is forbidden by the family to marry Frederick Wentworth due to the boy’s poverty. . He has a film version from 1995 by director Roger Mitchell (a location called “Notting Hill”) in the lead roles of Amanda Root and Syaoran Hinds. On Apple TV.

Other effects

"Patricinus of Beverly Hills"Teenage version of: "Emma" And the 1990s hit photo: Disclosure
“Petrisinh from Beverly Hills”: Teenage version of “Emma” and 1990s hit photo: Disclosure

There are many productions that were inspired by the literary universe of Jane Austin to create her own stories and characters. This is the case of “The Jane Austen Reading Club” (Google Play) since 2007, in which a group of women began to debate Austen’s works and relate them to each other’s experiences. The screenplay is Robin Svicord (named for the 2009 Oscar “For the Curious Case of Benjamin Button”). A 1990s hit, the film “Patricia of Beverly Hills” (prime video) is a teenage version of “Emma”, which starred Rich, The charming and popular character Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is shaped up. Jane Austin also puts her finger in a Brazilian soap opera. Her novels were inspired by Marcos Bernstein to star in the lead roles such as Nathalia Dill, Thiago Lacerda, Agatha Moreira, Write “Pride and Passion” (globoplay) with Rodrigo Simas.

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