Movies that just premiered you should watch today

Movies that just premiered you should watch today

new movies to watch

If you are looking for new movies to watch, you must check out this list.

We have separated 3 tips that just arrived Netflix and to amazon prime video And it’s worth your play.

check out:

Zombieland: Shoot Twice

the first trick is Zombieland: Shoot Twice, a 2019 film and a continuation of the 2009 feature, which hit theatres. I’m in amazon prime video.

In Zumbilandia – Shoot Twice, years after teaming up to overcome the onset of the zombie epidemic in the United States, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Talhasi (woody harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) e Little Rock (Abigail BreslinKeep looking for new places for housing and survival.

When they decide to move to the White House, they find other survivors and realize that new directions can be explored.

Anyone who has seen Zumbilandia knows: the purpose of this film is purely to entertain you. Even though it’s a post-apocalyptic The Walking Dead-like world filled with zombies, nothing makes much sense here.

He improved a lot in this sequel, as his budget was bigger for visual effects, for example. Plus, its cast is sensational, bringing names like Woody Harrelson, or Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone.

father who moves mountains

second tip is father who moves mountainsThe film is now based on very exciting and real events from 2021 onwards. He is on Netflix.

In father who moves mountains, Mircea is a retired environmental policeman who gets the news that his son has gone missing in the mountains and goes in search of him. After days of unfortunate searching, Mircea assembles her team and returns to the quest, triggering a confrontation with the local search team, but that won’t stop her from carrying out the search.

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Because it is based on a true story, father who moves mountains It becomes even more interesting to follow closely. Let’s look at a father who does everything to find his son and takes advantage of his wealth and resources.

Can everyone do this? Not at all But I know that if any of us had your money, we would also do our best to find the person we love. So, for me, the film shows real emotions when faced with a real situation.


the third method is cat, Netflix’s frantic action film released in 2021 that looks like the female version of John Wick.

Meticulous and supernaturally skilled, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a perfect killer who is at the height of his career. But when the operation to kill a Jacobite member doesn’t go as expected and Kate is poisoned, she only has 24 hours to take revenge on her enemies.

As her body rapidly deteriorates, the killer forms an unlikely bond with Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau), the teenage daughter of one of her previous victims. Embark on a frantic chase through the streets of Tokyo cat.

If you like frantic movies from start to finish, Kate is a must-see. What impresses me the most about him is that he’s set in Japan, so he has a more futuristic vibe, more cyberpunk, full of colors but with dirty streets and such. It was one of the films that I enjoyed watching the most in 2021.

You’ll love it too!

If you love horror and thriller movies and want to watch something today, check out the video below, which has great tips for you to go and watch quickly. oh and don’t forget register. We have new videos every day!

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