Munich International Festival receives Rondonian film ‘O Territrio’ by Alex Pritzeau

Munich International Festival receives Rondonian film ‘O Territrio’ by Alex Pritzeau

Author: Emerson Barbosa

movie “Area” (The Territory), by American filmmaker Alex Pritz, premiered in May at the Munich International Documentary Festival, Germany. The film’s participation was confirmed by the organization of Dok Utsav Munchen, Which runs from May 4 to May 15.

“Ganz Großes Kino! We present 35 of the best international documentaries in the Great Room and in the Silver Room of the Deutsches Theatre, with numerous German and world premieres as well as award-winning films featuring Daniel Rohr, the most important Russian opposition politician in your life. The most dramatic period of life”, informs the presentation.

The documentary is shot entirely in Rondnia and is shown in a realistic manner with the saga of the Coninde Ethnoenvironmental Association coordinators Bitte and Ivanide Bandeira, who work together to defend Land 7 de Cetembro from an invasion of land grabbers. lead the group.

Critics praised The Territory as “a film that inspires and evokes urgency, a global issue, environmental crisis. A cinematic experience with brilliant and poetic cinematography, the exquisite sound design of the Amazon rainforest that takes you through the narrative.” allows you to immerse yourself in it.”

Territory has already won the Audience Award and the Special Jury Award for Documentary Craft Sundance Festival In the United States of America (USA). they were also honored Copenhagen International Documentary Festival (CPH:DOX)Feather International Festival “Films That Matter” (Films That Matter Festival) How else in the Activision Awards category in the Netherlands best documentary to the liking of the public Seattle International Festival in USA.

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During an interview at Pontifical Catholic University in So Paulo, Tsai Surui spoke about the film, emphasizing that social media has been used by indigenous peoples to show their reality. “Cell phones are very important tools for indigenous peoples today, especially the media, for people that do not appear in traditional media” Located

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