Mysterious ‘explosion’ of meter wrestlers flying over New York

Mysterious ‘explosion’ of meter wrestlers flying over New York

A mysterious “explosion” on Wednesday shook large parts of upstate New York, shaking homes, shattering windows – and leaving many confused.

Residents of central New York York began reporting hearing – and emotion – enhancement at about 911 p.m.

“Just then an explosion shook our whole house in Syracuse. I hope everyone is safe, “said former congressional candidate Roger Missou Written on Twitter.

Another person Asked: “Someone else in Syracuse hears a loud bang and feels their house shake.”

“Welcome. Who took the alien in December? #Secret #Boom, ”said one user.

The quake affected 40 miles from Ondoga County to Oswego County and in Madison and Vanida counties. reported.

Turns out, it was disturbed by a meat suddenly spreading in the Earth’s atmosphere, said Robert Loonsford of the American Meter Society.

Loonsford said Empire State witnesses – and in Maryland and even Canada – reported seeing fireballs in the sky.

Video captured on camera at the top of Toronto’s CN Tower shows Niagara, science writer Scott Sutherland and a bright flash Shared on Twitter.

In fact, many on social media said they suspected that a major business had been shaken.

“It was so high and it shook my whole house. After examining the tree on my roof, my next thought was #m,” he said. One person wrote.

Loonsford said it is unusual to be able to see the meter in daylight, adding that most space rocks burn when they are high in the atmosphere.

It was unclear whether the suspected space rock made an impact on Wednesday.

“It must be big,” Lansford said.

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