‘Mysterious’ hole attracts beachgoers in Australia

‘Mysterious’ hole attracts beachgoers in Australia

‘Mysterious’ hole attracts beachgoers in Australia Reproduction/Facebook (Caroline Evans)

A hole opened in the sand at Main Beach on the Gold Coast (Australia), leaving bathers baffled.

The “mysterious” bubble crater, more than 2 metres in diameter, was discovered by Caroline Evans while she was walking on the sandy beach this week.

“It’s been a bit crazy this morning,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (6/25). “I couldn’t believe it, I’ve never seen anything like it before. I spoke to some of the traders who work nearby and they were also quite shocked.”

At one point, the hole filled with water and overflowed:

Hole discovered by Carolyn Evans on a beach in Gold Coast, Australia – Photo: Reproduction/Facebook (Carolyn Evans)

According to “News.com”, Caroline contacted councillor Darren Taylor to try to understand the “strange incident”.

“I was worried,” the Australian commented.

The explanation came later, according to a City Hall spokesperson: the hole was caused by work being carried out in the area.

According to the official version, the work is aimed at preventing erosion.

After Caroline’s warning, it didn’t take long for the hole to be covered with sand.


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